Many dinner parties have been held in this beautiful room, which features a Waterford crystal chandelier and is embellished with silver and mirrored wall sconces. The furniture is from the Paris family era of the home. A complete wall-mural is the focus for the room and its colors were the palette chosen for the decor for the majority of rooms in the home.

George Stanley Lasarsky, a Hungarian artist who migrated to Oklahoma from Chicago after Marland's agents noticed some of his painting on exhibit in Kansas City, where Marland owned another home, painted the mural on two walls of the dining room. Not only was he hired for his European style of art but also, as a consultant, he gave advice on the selection of Old-World objects of art which were used in the decoration of the Marland properties.

After Lasarsky painted these walls and possibly others in the home, he was referred to the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa. Many homes in that area feature his talents. He resided in Bristow, Oklahoma for the remainder of his life after becoming an American citizen.